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Kids on the Slope Episode 5 English Dub

Added: May 10, 2012

Kaoru and Ritsuko are unable to look each other in the eye ever since he kissed her on that snowy night. Ritsuko cannot stay mad at him, but she admits to liking someone else, which Sentarō overhears about. Kaoru leaves and stops coming to the record shop because of this. Later than night, Kaoru's father comes home and gives him a letter containing the whereabouts of his mother in Tokyo. Sentarō swings by before then and later convinces Kaoru to meet his mother a day later. They pass by Junichi's place, also in Tokyo, but they are told that he has not been there for over a month. The next day as it starts raining, Kaoru and Sentarō meet Kaoru's mother for dinner. As Sentarō goes out for a while, Kaoru feels better from being heartbroken after a cheerful conversation with her. Before leaving, he gives her a jazz record entitled "Lullaby of Birdland" by Chris Connor and tells her to practice singing it in anticipation of the next time they meet. After the two guys return to Kyushu, Kaoru begins going back to the record shop to play jazz again.

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