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Golden Time Episode 24 English Dub

Added: March 27, 2014

Upon losing all his memories since his accident just after their Awa dance performance during their school festival, Banri returns to his hometown afterwards. After fiddling with the notes he made for himself prior to the return of his former memories, Banri opens his e-mail account and discovers that someone has been sending e-mails to his ex-girlfriend, Kōko Kaga, under his name, much to his nuisance. Before the year has come to pass, Linda returns and arrives in Banri's house. While contemplating on Linda's reply to his feelings for her and the happenings that occurred between them since his accident, Kōko appears before Banri. Mistaking Kōko for Chinami, Kōko hands Banri a DVD and his cracked mirror case, which Banri mistaken as Kōko's belonging and returns it to her. After asking for directions for the bridge where Banri fell from, Kōko left and Banri finally remembers Kōko after finding the same mirror case — that belonged to Kōko — alongside his notes. As a result, Banri goes after Kōko at the bridge where he meets his conflicted former self. The latter then manages to cross over after Linda appeared and gave her reply to his feelings with a "Yes" and hands Banri the ring he dropped at the bridge days before. Afterwards, Banri embraces Kōko and the two recalls their promise — that as long as they remember one another, the two will stay together for the rest of their lives — profess their love for one another, and Banri presents his ring to Kōko, which she gladly accepts. Meanwhile, it's revealed that Nijigen was responsible for sending spam e-mails to Banri and motivated Kōko to go after him. Taking advantage of Kōko's motivation, Chinami edited the recording Banri made to himself and burned it to a DVD, which had Kōko later deliver it to Banri. Watching his recording, Banri thanks Kōko for being by his side. Banri later returns to Tokyo and again attends the university, with his relationship with Kōko still intact and going on strong.

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